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Board of Directors

Our BIW Board of Directors includes members with broad backgrounds and diversified experiences in educational reform.

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M. Blouke Carus

Board Chair and Founder

Jeffrey Beard

Vice Chair

Stacey Shells

Board of Directors

Debra Scheffel

Board of Directors


Michael Poliakoff

Board of Directors

Matthew Post

Board of Directors

Sally Beatty

CEO and Executive Director

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Advisory Board

Our BIW Advisory Board includes members who have a distinguished background in diverse fields of education, who are familiar with educational research in a variety of fields.

Norman R. Augustine

Retired CEO of Lockheed-Martin Corporation and coauthor of Rising Above the Gathering Storm

Bonnie R. Brunkhorst

Former Chair of the National Council of Scientific Teachers Association, National Research Council's National Committee on Science Education Standards and Assessment, and National award winning educator

William E. Kirwan

Chancellor Emeritus of the University System of Maryland, former President of the University of Maryland and Ohio State University

Jay B. Labov

Retired Deputy Director of the National Research Council for Education and author of dozens of NRC projects on education

Michael J. Petrilli

President of the Fordham Foundation

Rick Rubel

Distinguished Military Professor of Ethics at the US Naval Academy and coauthor of Case Studies in Military Ethics

Timothy Shanahan

Former President of the International Reading Association, former Co-Director of the National Reading Panel, and recently retired from the University of Illinois Chicago

Robert Sheets

Research Professor, George Washington Institute of Public Policy (focus: implementing work-based learning)

Jason A. Tyszko

Senior Director of Policy of Education and Workforce, US Chamber of Commerce

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