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Our Approach

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Many students go without textbooks due to their high cost (Florida Virtual Campus Survey), impacting their academic success. Many institutions can’t find ways to meaningfully decrease the cost to graduate from their programs and using OER is one way to reduce cost. According to Babson survey data, faculty are unaware of OER, can’t find OER, are worried about the quality of OER, and don’t know if they have permission to use or change OER.

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Program Revision

According to research by NCTQ, many teacher colleges are not teaching to the basic standards that resulted in the work from the National Reading Panel and other research. Faculty sometimes struggle to effectively teach how to put theory and research into practice. We can help evaluate existing programs and revise or reinvent the program as needed with input from faculty and other partners.

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Professional Development

Increasingly, states are requiring faculty to participate in professional development. Through our network of experts, we can help states, higher education institutions and K12 districts effectively design, build, deliver and assess professional development programs.

One-On-One Tutoring
Our Approach: Services
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