BIW Educational Partners

Best in the World (BIW) Teachers is dedicated to developing universities and the schools of education that are committed to providing a broad and rigorous liberal education for all student teachers who are studying for a 4-year baccalaureate degree. Currently, our pilot program is partnering with Colorado Christian University and the University of Dallas. We will add more in the coming year as we find more schools willing and able to join the first-time partners. A strong liberal education will help future teachers discuss and provide authentic answers to questions.

​While pursuing a liberal education, BIW Teachers will audit the existing curricula at our partner schools of education, analyze them, and compare them with best in the world curricula, and in turn make recommendations to implement BIW Curricula. BIW Teachers will then provide the professional development based upon the recommendation from the distinguished BIW Advisory Board and the BIW Expert Panels.

Our partner schools of education and universities will work with local schools that are willing and able to become model schools to implement the new world class curricula so the student teachers gain the insights; recognize research-based instructional practices, and learn from the experience from their practice teaching before and after the baccalaureate degree. Altogether, the students will become exemplars of world-class instructors. It is through the intimate partnership of Best in the World Teachers and the partner schools of education that we can create a new best in the world model for teacher education.