BIW Core Principles

In pursuit of the goal of creating a new model for teacher preparation which dramatically improves the breadth and quality of teacher education and teachers, (therefore boosting student achievement), BIW’ s model consists of seven core principles:

  • BIW is based on the belief that all educators should receive a rigorous, comprehensive “liberal” education;

  • BIW believes in deeper teacher education, with clinical experience beginning much earlier in the preparation process and teacher candidates gaining practical experience through internships and similar program;

  • BIW is committed to ensuring that the future of teacher education is rooted in the strongest research available;

  • The BIW Experts Panels will be designed to develop the knowledge base to improve the quality and efficacy of teacher education;

  • BIW believes in a collaborative approach, where teacher preparation programs, k-12 school districts, researchers, content experts, professional development providers, and experienced educators work together to improve teaching and learning for all;

  • BIW, working with experts, will have an assessment panel to develop and ensure all BIW educators receive performance-based assessments starting with selection and concluding when they become teachers of record through the successful completion of formative, interim, and summative exams;

  • BIW educators are lifelong learners. The outcomes of BIW Expert Panels and preservice teacher education work will also serve as a platform for comprehensive in-service professional development.


Through the successful development and adoption of this approach, BIW seeks to: 1) create a model teacher preparation program; 2) develop a support system for novice teachers; 3) provide professional development for existing teachers; 4) contribute to research and provide “proof of concept” for transforming teacher education; and 5) take the BIW teacher preparation model to scale; and 6) influence policy and educational reform.